Fine art is the enduring eye of our generation


Doug's fine art acrylic painting is mostly about people, politics, pain and pleasure. There is always a message, a cry of indignation, a shout for joy or perhaps an enigmatic mood.

Life is colour.  All life has colour and shape.  Everything living has a character, an aura of colour and a form. Through his awareness this painter tries to prize out of his portrait subjects the realism of what they are, or an impression of their expression or an abstract interpretation of their mood. 

His contemporary paintings use impressionism, expressionism, modernism, found objects, modroc for 3d sculpture like paintings and Icons living and dead to bring out the truth as he sees it.

Introduction . . to Doug the Artist
What's New and Star Paintings
The Truth Behind The Mask . .  A dedicated room for the Margaret paintings and photographs - there are over 50 paintings and 16 photographs
Peace, War and Conflict . . Paintings reflecting Doug's concerns about peace, war, suffering and the power of Tyrants                                                        to destroy life and everything
Latest works - 1994 to Now  . . Starting with most recent including icons and portrait paintings.
Early Paintings. Up to Feb. 1963 . . Abstract paintings including are a few remaining pictures from South Africa.
Doug's Background and History . . Have a look at some paintings first, then find out about me. And my life overview
The First Painting . . The thinking behind the paintings. Sources and Inspiration.
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