Painters, leave no proof of your greatness and you confirm our worthlessness.  Surely it is better to leave durable works which rejoice in human kind than to trash the worth of creation through junk art

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I welcome banner or text links from anybody who has a web site with a serious artistic content or who hosts and supports artists AND who gives a link from their site to mine

I also place links on the gold star page from web sites which give me free advertising   Click on the icon for transport to the site

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Artlas is an Internet based company committed to promoting and supporting the work of UK artists, ranging from professionals to amateurs .They provide a comprehensive range of services to enable artists; art buyers and art suppliers to promote all aspects of original art to the general public.

Click here to > visit

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Axis provides quality information about contemporary artists and makers that champions the work of artists, nationally and internationally, and stimulates opportunities for the creation, presentation and purchase of artists' work.

Doug Lowe on Axis

The true price of fine art!

Our reference data banks on the art market covering 306,000 artists from the 4th C. to present in the following fine art categories 
Everyday at Artprice we collect, process and analyze the art auctions covering 2,900 auction houses worldwide


World Artists Directory gives free listings to independent artists and an image on their site. You pay a small commission on sales of paintings

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Artseek:   It costs $20 to get your link and a thumbnail on this exclusive art site. The good presentation and easy navigation make it a site worth visiting

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Another site which specialises in fine art.   go to wwar

Justoriginals is an exciting site devoted entirely to publicising working artists sites.  It is growing fast and you get invites to show on their site

Art Quest gives listings for approved artists and charges a nominal fee.  Go to Artquest

ArtQuest Link

Another huge database of art.  D.Art enables you to link your individual artworks directly to their site - very clever.  It saves loads of time having to upload or copy to their site.  Have a look at D-Art

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Greg Ahern has a dedicated site to artists and I like the way he helps us to sell our work.  Go to Artlistings provides complete art services, art appraisals, art price data, news, articles, and market information to art collectors, artists, and fine arts professionals. services include appraisals for all works of fine art; consulting on buying, selling, donating, and collecting fine art; dispute mediation and resolution; and expert testimony in legal cases involving art issues.

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Now here is an unusual site: Borneo Linnells is a group of solicitors who have created an exclusive, juried web gallery on their site.  It is worth a visit.   They display works at no charge

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