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What's New and Star Picture

updated 15-01-2005

Work in Progress

January 05   star painting "touching"  donated to the Rainbow Trust for terminally ill children.

It is being auctioned at a celebrity function on 19 Feb 05

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December 04 Star Picture (and only one painted) Lorene:  Commission by Peter Nyland - my first portrait commission and hopefully not the last.

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John Lennon Started 14-01-05
John Booth Portrait 7ftH x 4ftW Started Sept 04
Blue Flower with Bee 
I am working on a 7 ft high by 4ft wide portrait of a fellow painter in the Vernon Mill.  We are a collective of 44 painters, photographers, sculptors and we also have a ceramic artist

Due to buoyant sales I am currently diverted into doing orange sunsets because that is what people want to decorate their houses to go with their brown leather suites.  Sad isn't it............  They haven't sold so now I can go back to what I am good at namely Portraits and semi abstract impresions.  I am starting with one of the Beetles.  I will go on to do Elvis, Marilyn Munroe   etc.



The exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery in October 2003, The TRUTH BEHIND THE MASK was a great success.  It inspired, educated, amused, angered, confused and converted.

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