The Margaret Project

The Truth Behind The Mask

On Show At Stockport Art Gallery, Manchester, England From 10 October to 11 November 2003

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A Series of 51 Paintings in Acrylic Medium by Doug Lowe

Inspired by a Series of 16 Photographs by Margaret Lowe of Herself


The Truth Behind the Mask is a series of 16 photographs by Margaret Lowe which inspired 51 paintings by Doug Lowe her father.

Margaret took the photographs of herself in her early twenties during an emotionally turbulent period. She was challenged by the idea of taking these uncompromisingly frank and revealing photographs to get behind the mask of everyday defense and pretence that we all use to protect our fragile and private selves. The result is revealing, provocative and often moving. It is a unique portrayal of a young woman showing every emotion from high elation to the depths of depression.

When her father saw the collection of photos, he was inspired to interpret each photograph in up to 4 studies in order fully to explore Margaret’s emotions. His chosen medium is acrylics and this has resulted in a unique series of 51 paintings.

The paintings together with the photographs are a monumental record of a brief period in a young woman’s life which makes a fascinating and unusual study.

The project took over three years -   finishing in September 2003.   Stockport Art Gallery, Manchester, England exhibited the entire project as a joint show in October 2003.  If anybody else is interested in exhibiting this unique concept please talk to me about it.  You can contact me at

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