Judge a painting not by how well it hangs on your wall but by how much it reaches out to you and stimulates your feelings

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I welcome banner or text links from anybody who has a web site with a serious artistic content or who hosts and supports artists AND who gives a link from their site to mine

I also place links on the gold star page from web sites which give me free advertising   Click on the icon for transport to the site

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Bircham Gallery hosts some very good artists wpe7.jpg (3415 bytes)
This site whose first language is French with an English parallel.  Go to http://paintings.free.fr wpe1.jpg (3809 bytes)
If you want to see the work of some other modern artists visit Cybertown who have included my web site in their art gallery.  GO TO CYBERTOWN VISUAL ART
This Gallery is based in St Petersburg Russia and features mainly Russian work.  You will find it at http://www.gallery-a.ru wpe1.jpg (6846 bytes)
Take a look at Artists' Exchange at   http://painting.about.com/index.htm  Guided by a fine artist with loads things of interest to artists but finding artists' sites is a mystery although they are there somewhere. wpe1.jpg (2496 bytes)
This is a Ukranian web site having a large stock of works by Ukranian artists   Oil paintings for sale: www.BuyOilPainting.com wpe6.jpg (7025 bytes)

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