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What to do if you want to talk to me about doing an Original Work for you

It is a very personal matter to do a work for you. For it to work we must both be comfortable with each other. So you need to know a bit more about what commissions I would be willing to take on.

I like painting portraits, especially if they have some action in them. Set pieces with dead pan faces are not for me. I need lively expression to bring out a persons character. I am also interrested in painting animal portraits.

I am hopeless at landscapes (without animals or people) in full realism. Abstract maybe O.K. but I need lots of freedom of interpretation - mood and atmosphere are essential with preferably dominant people or animal activity.

I am happy to paint portraits in "real" or semi-abstract format but I must have lots of lattitude with colour interpretation even in "real" mode so be prepared to discuss that.

I am very interested in portraying events or painting activities like sports people in full action, or in demonstrations, or at the work place doing a job. Action political events or speech makers are good subjects.

Procedure for production of a Portrait

As I have to freeze action in my paintings, conventional artists "sittings" for painting or scetching are out, other than as a getting to know you exercise. What I do need is a photographic session or two or alternatively photos of the subject from which to choose the central figure. I will take both digital and conventional photographs. Unless I happen to be in your area of the globe at the time, the "sittings" will have to be in England.  If you are happy to do so, I can work from photos supplied by e.mail and send you work in progress shots.

Once I have agreed the pose and specific details I can go away and do the job. You can look in any time you like during production of your work oor I will e.mail you regularly. As a general guide, the smallest portrait containing a single figure would be about 24 x 24 inches (61cm x 61cm)


For a standard work containing one person, I charge 70  ($100) per sq foot. Complicated imagery with additional people, elaborate dress etc costs more. If I have to go on location  for a photo session, say in London, I will charge additionally by the day plus travel costs appropriate to the distance and discomfort.


I always use acrylic paint and I always paint either on hardboard or plywood. Larger paintings are carefully reinforced for strength and lightness. These are extremely durable stable materials, arguably with a longer life than canvas.

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