The question is not whether it is art.  A monkey can do art:  It is whether it stirs, then shakes something in your inner being, opens up your channels of thought, gives you greater awareness and leaves you in awe.  That is Art with Merit.

Introduction to Doug the Artist

You might have guessed, this is a mug shot of me on holiday looking relaxed when I was about 57. I was somewhat younger looking here than I am now at 78 (ugh) as it was  my birthday on 15 October (born 1938)

So now you can see who is talking to you. Check out   Latest Paintings. These were painted between Sept. 1994 and the present.

If you want to know why I didn't paint anything between February 1963 and September 1994 you will find the answer in Doug's Art, The First Painting.

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Find out about me and what makes me tick in Doug's Background and History.  

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I am a painter. I have always been a painter even when I was not painting.  I have a compulsion to paint a world full of energy, people and colour.  I have a compulsion to dig deep and draw out deep meaning from my subjects.

All of my inspiration comes from life, living beings.  My most abstract paintings still draw on my perception of mood translated into colour and shape.  You will see that superficially there is no direction to my works.  This is not true.  I am directed by my subjects be they babes, owls or elderly people.  They dictate the colours, the style and the forms.   So look carefully at my work.  It all hangs together around one theme: Living beings!

THE STUDIO IN THE VERNON MILL.   Two photos have been inexpertly joined together 

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November 2005

The older you get the faster time flies.  I have put central heating in my studio so it is very comfortable to work in.   I am Vice Chairman of Vernon Mill Artists, the collective for the Group which now numbers about 45 artists thanks to the  building of another 15 or so studios.

I have 3 grandchildren and our curtain shop, run by my wife is going to close due to the relentless march of the superstores, in this case Dunelm, which will destroy many of the small curtain shops in our area as it has done wherever it has opened up.

Notable in the past few years is that my daughter Margaret and I held a joint exhibition in the Stockport Art Gallery in October 2003.  It was a great success not in terms of sales but in terms of the feedback and exposure to the public.  It also meant a great deal to me because it meant that I was considered worthy to have my work exhibited in a public gallery - that is really important to me.

Life goes on (fortunately) and the clock ticks.  Let us hope that it ticks for a very long time and does not break down on the way.

Late 2001/2002.  When things are really bad, sometimes you think they can only get worse.  2002 was not promising when it started.  One can be wrong thank God! Today is the 26th December 2002. 

Notwithstanding a 3 month period when I did not paint due to revamping my wife's shop and upgrading a few properties we have bought to give us some extra income, I have completed 55 paintings which is a record for me in a year.  The quality of my work also seems to have improved and my abstract geometrical "vision" seems to have returned after a 40 year rest and is being applied to good effect on the Margaret project.

One of the reasons for this spurt in productivity is the fact that in September 2001 I managed to secure a studio in the Vernon Mill, Stockport, Manchester, England.  It had no windows (a distraction), no heating, two small fluorescent lights, it had been left in a mess by the previous occupant   BUT it was mine, a place where I could work without the endless distractions of home.  It was quite big at 21ft square.  I could spread myself out in every way AND I was in an artistic community of 30 artists, in touch with the world of artists, holding its own art exhibition once a year, in touch with art galleries, opening up opportunities to show my work. Isolation was over.  Heaven had arrived.  Perhaps my just departed from this world Mother had a hand in it!  It is a comforting thought as SHE was one of the greatest fans of my art all my life.

At the first exhibition, I sold nothing.  At the second exhibition in October this year (2002) I sold 4 paintings.  I was hugely comforted even though the paintings that sold were user friendly, decorative works.  What did give me great pleasure though was the sale of "Celine Listening" (No 2.33) which is a semi-abstract painting but one in my interpretative style .  This sold at a restaurant in a fashionable part of South Manchester.

In respect of my art the next good thing that happened is my new studio on the fourth floor of the Vernon Mill.  I purpose built much of it myself including the wiring, plumbing, flooring, decorating, some of the partitioning, all of the fitting out and replacement windows.  It has 3 huge windows overlooking the river Mersey and faces SSE.  The other artists call it the penthouse studio.  It is a very nice place to work.

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