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PAINTINGS from Jan. 1996 to July 1998

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2.37...go to Slavery

H48in W36in   600   $840   Self Framed

wpe5.jpg (1767 bytes)

2.36...go to Anger and Agony at the Loss of Anne

H48  W36  2400   $3360   Self Framed

2.35...go to Madagascan Nude

H60in  W30in   2500   $3500    Self Framed

2.34....go to Richard Beaming

H20in  W24in   100   $140    Self Framed

2.33.... go to Celine Listening

H24in  W19in   200   $280    Self Framed

2.32....go to Angels Die Where Fools Fear Not to Kill

H48in  W63in   4000    $5600   Self Framed

2.31....go to Stuart Pearce Challenges the World

H48in  W63in   4000    $5600  Black Framed

2.30....go to Lisa O'Brien & Lucy

H36in  W48in   500   $700    Self Framed

2.29....go to Naomi Campbell

H48in   W18in   300   $420   Self Framed

2.28....go to Dad

Not for sale.  Framed with wood

2.27....go to Corrina Anderson & Baby Hedghog

H48in  W35in   2000   $2800    Self Framed

2.26.... go to Brendan Mullen Recaptures the Egg

H72in  W51in   2500    $3500   Self Framed

2.25....go to Michelle Griffith

Inclusive H78in  W30in  3000   $4200  Framed with exploded door

2.24....go to Son of War & Colin Foley

Inclusive H64in  W43in   3000   $4200    Framed in box with opening doors

2.23....go to Gambian Musicians at Wrestling Match

H72in  W36in   3000   $4200

2.22....go to Pat

H28in   W24in   200   $280   Self Framed

2.21....go to Malcolm Rifkind - The Price of Success

H48in  W36in   500   $700    Self Framed

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