2.19.... Sean Young and Baby Rio

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Sean Young and Baby Rio

H48 x W72 inches 122cm x 183cm

Dated 27-11-95 Price 600     $840

Acrylic on plywood

From a photo in Hullo dated 19-8-95

I have a fascination for mother and child pictures. They epitomise love and tenderness and therefore make a woman look her most gentle and approachable.

I had to put a twist in it so made Sean darker skinned than in reality. I felt that it reflected better her personality. I have to admit that this is not one of my favourite paintings. The landscape does nothing for me although the photo was taken in this setting.

I suppose, I want more than face value meaning from a painting and this painting offers nothing but bland reality. Boring! I should have painted them sitting in a flower or better underneath an erupting volcano then there would have been some real meaning to get into, but at the time I had not got into computer graphics to inject some more chemistry. Perhaps I will have another go at it but in semi- abstract style.

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