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H38in  W30in  (H97cm  W76cm)

Dated 17-6-95 Price 200   $290

Acrylic on hardboard.  Integral frame included

From a Photo by Doug Lowe. I went through a phase of wanting to paint my whole family. Richard was next in turn. This picture is a bit of a problem for me. It has come out showing a very sensitive almost effeminate person. The brush sometimes produces unpredictable results.

On the subject of painting family. When it came to painting my sister, I could not. After she died tragically following an operation, I wanted to honour her memory. It merely opened up the wound again and made me ill. I had to give up on that idea. And then there is my mother and my mother in law. I can't bring myself to paint them either. I cannot explain why as both are in good health both mentally and physically. Perhaps it is because in painting them I have to delve deep into their personalities and because of their ages and seniority, I am constrained from doing so.

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