2.18.... Margaret Feeling Very Good. Study No 1
H48 x W35 inches 122cm x 90cm       Dated 14-10-95 Price 2400 $3360

Acrylic on plywood. with integral frame      

This is a good example of the use of a photo to capture the mood of a person and to project it into a painting. The colours are semi- realistic but this is accidental as her mood and the colours to express it happen to be similar to skin colours.

I wanted to paint this painting as a contrast to 2.16 when Margaret was in a more sombre state of mind. The two together bring alive the effect of colour in expressing state of mind.  The series of 16 is intended to explore and to extend the use of colour and form to express mood and emotion.

wpe2.jpg (9035 bytes)

This photo  inspired the painting

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