No 2.72... Margaret Study 16. V1 "Woe Is Me"

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Finished 10-12-2000

Acrylic on reinforced hardboard.  All visible surfaces including 2" sides painted

Size:  H 26" X W 72"    (H 66cm x W 183cm)

Price 2600 or $3640

This painting is not cropped.  It looks just like this. I wanted to get a feeling of desperate misery.  I don't know if I have succeeded.  The series on Margaret is now under way.  I am not starting at the beginning.  This is the last painting in the series.  I am alternating studies between widely differing moods, to ensure that I don't repeat myself and to be fresh to each new mood.  so I decided to paint the most sad mood first of all more to get it out of the way but also it was a real challenge.

This photo by Margaret is the source of my inspiration

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