No 3.25... Margaret Feeling Opressed. Study 13 V2

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10th May 2002

Acrylic on Plywood

Size H37.5in x W25.75in  or H95cm x W65cm       Price   1400 or $2050 Self Framed

After painting the semi abstract version 1, I felt that the mood would best be expressed by using green to bring out the feeling of depression which comes over when I look at this photograph.

In fact I found myself very affected by the signals coming from this mood and at first could not understand why I was feeling so depressed while I was painting it.  While I was painting V1 (No 3.21) I had this same feeling of misery.

Green can be a very restful colour in the right combinations of colour in, for example, a landscape;  but when used in isolation to express a mood (e.g. green with envy)  the meaning is quite different.

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