No 3.21... Margaret Feeling Opressed.  Study 13 V1

Finished on 8th April 2002                                 Acrylic on Plywood

Size H44in x W24in   H112cm x W61cm                           Price 1400 or $2040  Self framed

wpe5.jpg (8682 bytes)

 wpe4.jpg (11950 bytes)


When I started painting this picture, I was overcome with depression.  At first I dismissed it as just a cyclical and passing bout.  The next day I had other business to attend to and did not continue the painting and my depression vanished.  On the following day however when I started painting again, the same heavy depression decended on me.  It seems that by getting into the mood of the painting in order better to interpret it, I had to adopt the same mood which exudes from the photograph.  The title is very apt indeed:   Margaret Feeling Opressed.  I wonder if the painting or the photograph have the same effect on you?

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