No 3.30... Margaret Feeling Refined Study 4 Version 1

23rd May 2002       Acrylic on Plywood

Size H37.5in x W21.75in  or H   95cm x W55cm   

        Price   1400 or $2050 Self Framed

 wpe9.jpg (14811 bytes)

wpe7.jpg (9070 bytes)

I marvel at how Margaret's character seems to change with her changing mood.  Here she is feeling very positive.  She has a confident smile and she is feeling in the top 5 % of the human race.  It is only possible to paint this Study in warm, positive and refreshing colours

I uset a distorted long portrait to express her feeling of superiority.  As with all of this series of paintings the paint continues around the sides of the board for, in this case, about 2 inches in all directions

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