2.07.... Egyptian Shop Assistant

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Egyptian Shop Assistant

H48in   W36in   (H122cm  W91cm)

Dated 23-1-95 ......... Price 50   $70

Acrylic on hardboard

From a photo taken by Doug Lowe whilst on a business trip to Egypt. The staff in the shop were so happy to be photographed. I had to take a picture of every one in the shop.

I am not proud of this painting. It was exploratory and taught me that I had to be much more figurative and accurate in my rendering of portraits if I was to get any satisfaction from painting them and if the viewer was to get anything from looking at them. From then on I started taking measurements and reference points to get the forms more accurate

The colours are also jumbled. That is fine if the character is messed up, but he wasn't. It was I who needed to become more figurative.

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